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Claiming the Billionaire (Seattle Bachelors #4)(9)
Author: J.M. Stewart

He kissed her softly, luxuriating in her mouth on his, and reached up her tank to close his hands around her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts were deliciously free. God, she had the most fantastic tits. Full and round. She wasn’t getting a damn thing out of him playing with them like this, but Christ. It had been three years since he’d had his hands on her. He couldn’t resist massaging them or running his thumbs back and forth across her distended nipples. He might have whipped her shirt off and replaced his hands with his mouth, except she reached between them and closed her hand around his cock. She stroked him slowly, from base to tip, sending pleasure curling through him.

“Holy mother of God.” He closed his eyes, sucking in a desperate breath between clenched teeth, and abandoned her breasts to shackle her wrist. “Easy, baby. You keep doing that and I’m going to embarrass myself in about two seconds.”

For three years, nobody had touched him with anything resembling kindness. Cassie had a soft touch, the supple skin of her hands as close to heaven as he’d ever gotten, second only to the warm tightness of being buried deep inside her.

Cassie, however, was stubborn and willful and so fucking beautiful. She kept stroking, so slowly he couldn’t be sure if he wanted her to speed up or stop. She knew how drive him out of his mind, how he liked to be touched, the right pressure, the perfect speed…

His thighs tensed, his feet bracing on the floor, and he dropped his head back against the couch cushions. “Baby, I’m serious. It’s been a while for me.”

As if her hand wasn’t enough, she scooted forward, nestling the length of his cock between her thighs. So damned close the moist heat of her radiated to him. She leaned forward to rub her nipples against his chest. God, her breasts had always been his biggest fantasy.

“I don’t care. Let it go, Ty.” She brushed her mouth across his, the softest, sweetest of kisses. “We need this. I need this.”

The quiet vulnerability in her voice made him open his eyes. She stared at him again, eyes at half-mast but still searching. In that one tiny moment, something shifted between them. He’d long since recognized the silent exchange. An acknowledgment of need.

He relaxed back into the sofa cushions and let her have her way with him. Let her take his world, all the goddamn nightmares, the horror of the last three years, the images he couldn’t forget no matter how much he tried, and spin it out of control.

Both hands wrapped around his shaft, she stroked from base to tip, so slowly his toes curled. When he sucked in a hissing breath, she flicked her tongue over his lips. Damn her. She had him on his knees, and she knew it.

“Payback, baby. Payback.” Jesus. Shaking and breathless, his muscles tightened to the point of pain, his body poised on the desperate edge of release. Somehow, he’d imagined this moment differently. He’d wanted to take her with him, but he couldn’t move if he tried. He could barely breathe.

She leaned forward again, rubbing her nipples against his chest, and his balls drew tight against his body. “Look at me.”

Her demand was quiet but no less powerful, and he did as she bade. Heat filled her eyes, hunger illuminating her from within. “You are so damned beautiful, you know that?”

It was pathetic how short the bliss lasted. Her supple fingers moved up and down his cock like she had all the time in the world to torment him. Yet each stroke hauled him closer to the edge. Another soft, slow stroke and his orgasm rushed over him out of nowhere.

“Cassie…” His garbled warning came seconds before every muscle tensed in a sudden rush. Like a wildfire burning through a dry field, the bliss swallowed him whole, leaving him quivering and gasping and completely at her mercy. He didn’t know if he even remembered to breathe.

Cassie stroked him through every incredible pulse, her grip loosening, her fingers grazing his now super sensitive skin, which did nothing but extend the pleasure. Leaving him a gasping, trembling heap.

When the last erotic pulse faded, he collapsed back against the couch, panting and spent. He reached out blindly, found her thigh, and stroked his hand upward. “Have I mentioned I missed you?”

She flat-out fucking amazed him. He’d expected being this close to her would set off another flashback, that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate her touch. But his need for her had been so great, so overwhelming, he’d lost sight of everything but her. And he hadn’t a fucking clue how to tell her what that meant to him.

Cassie didn’t respond. Instead, she went silent. So still he pried his eyes open.

She sat staring at him, wide-eyed, chest heaving, soft, ragged breaths puffing against his mouth, looking as shell-shocked as he felt. “One night.”

He shook his head. The sleepy lull of postorgasm fatigue already pulled at him, his brain lost in a fog. “One night what?”

“You said I owe you a date. I’ll give you one night. This one. But that’s it. This isn’t real, Ty. We broke up, and I’ve moved on. This is just delayed grief or something. We’ve already proven we don’t work.”

Panic set his heart pounding his rib cage as what she meant settled over him. Jesus, he couldn’t let her go now…

He shook his head, searching her eyes for some trace of the girl he’d known. For some small measure of proof he hadn’t imagined she felt anything for him at all. “It was a fight, Cassie. Albeit a poorly timed one, but it was just a fight. We both said things we regretted that night.”

She shook her head, those big brown eyes still wide, still vulnerable. “I can’t do this with you again. I need to move on, and I need you to let me. I can’t deny seeing you again brings it all back up, but this is just breakup sex, Ty. Nothing more.”

She paused and looked down at his lap. Long, aching seconds ticked out. He could only watch her eyes. His chest and stomach were covered in the evidence that she had power over him, that only her touch could soothe the monster raging inside of him. He couldn’t let her go now.

Her throat bobbed before she finally looked up at him again. “I’ll give you one night, but no more. In the morning, you go home, and we don’t see each other again.”

He wanted to argue with her. She was telling him goodbye again, but he refused to listen. He had to believe somewhere inside she loved him the way he loved her. He had to. Or the horror of the last three years really would win.

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